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Low-Calorie Sweetener Safety: Settled or Asking For Evidence?
Low- and no-calorie sweeteners are some of the most studied ingredients in the history of our food supply. Decades of scientific study has assessed their safety for use in foods and beverages. Yet, even with the body of evidence that has accumulated, debate often ensues about the safety and health implications of consuming low- and no-calorie sweeteners. This webinar will cover the scientific literature related to the safety and metabolism of low- and no-calorie sweeteners so that attendees are more equipped to address questions on the topic.

This one-hour webinar will include time for live audience Q&A. Please REGISTER BELOW to attend!

Note: IFIC is a Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Accredited provider with the Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR). CDR-credentialed practitioners will receive 1.0 Continuing Professional Education units (CPEUs) for completion of this live webinar.

Webinar Competencies and Performance Indicators:
> 4.1.2 Interprets and integrates evidence-based research and literature in decision-making.
> 4.1.3 Identifies misinformation and inaccurate information in order to inform decision-making.
> 6.4.2 Demonstrates serious inquiry, examination, and experimentation aimed at the discovery and interpretation of knowledge, or the revision of guidelines, theories, policies or laws.
> 8.1.1 Interprets and applies evidence-based literature and standards for determining nutritional needs of target audiences.


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